New Stickers in Two Weeks!

I've been quite busy this summer, basking in the warm sunny weather (as best a ginger can) before winter grabs hold of me with its icy claw.

I didn't end up making the Reading PRFM, but I did go to the Lancaster Punk Rock Flea Market, and it was a blast! Thanks to everyone who came out! Next up: the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market on August 16th! I'll have SO much new stuff to show you all. Fun stuff. Pizza-y stuff, and more.

Have a sneak peak at these stickers, just a couple of many new designs I'll have available for sale on etsy, here, and at the TPRFM!


Summer shows!

Brutalsquid will be selling artwork at both the Reading Punk Rock Flea Market and the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market! Stay tuned for details, plus more show announcements and news. New work coming shortly!

Hipstaur Giclee preorder

Now available for preorder!

Hipstaur Giclee print preorder

Preorder will be taken until April 1st, 2015. Price includes priority shipping to continental US.

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More Giclee prints have been ordered, keep an eye out for them soon. There are some that haven't been preordered that will be available for purchase!

A new banner for in person events has been designed and is on its way to print. Exciting.

Update on shirts: currently past the final digital proof and being screened. Expect those by the middle of next week! Even more exciting! 

New work on the way: most exciting! Stay tuned for some very recent stuff, like this in progress ink drawing on bristol: 





Stickers Now In Stock

 'I <3 New Jersey Pizza' stickers are now in stock! High quality diecut fade resistant vinyl. You know you want one...or 5. Or 7.. Only $1 each, holy frick! Slap 'em on your car, gently nudge 'em on your dog, high five 'em on your friends!


Twitter is on Twitter! Follow us @brutalsquidart for an easy way to keep track of blog posts and updates.

And awaaaay we go.


So, here we are. The site is finally live. I guess one can't really go without having a website to display the body of their work these days, so going live is satisfying.

Consider this first post the first footprint of many in a long and winding journey through my artistic endeavors. I think I most look forward to showing you all the new pieces I'm working on, and will be working on; there will be AT LEAST one post a week, probably more.

I'll keep it short for tonight, as it's getting late and the tanks are running on empty. Here's what I've been working on the past few hours: a vectored version of my 'I Love New Jersey Pizza' painting. As you might surmise, this means t-shirts are in the works. This will be my first foray into such dealings, so let's all hope for the best!

I'll leave you with the original watercolor alongside the vectored illustration. I brought the temperature on the digital piece to cooler palettes, and it has been simplified for printing: