And awaaaay we go.


So, here we are. The site is finally live. I guess one can't really go without having a website to display the body of their work these days, so going live is satisfying.

Consider this first post the first footprint of many in a long and winding journey through my artistic endeavors. I think I most look forward to showing you all the new pieces I'm working on, and will be working on; there will be AT LEAST one post a week, probably more.

I'll keep it short for tonight, as it's getting late and the tanks are running on empty. Here's what I've been working on the past few hours: a vectored version of my 'I Love New Jersey Pizza' painting. As you might surmise, this means t-shirts are in the works. This will be my first foray into such dealings, so let's all hope for the best!

I'll leave you with the original watercolor alongside the vectored illustration. I brought the temperature on the digital piece to cooler palettes, and it has been simplified for printing: